Permaculture Introduction, Glasgow

Permaculture Introduction Course Details

Join us for this exciting opportunity to learn more about permaculture in Glasgow. Permaculture is a design system based on ethics and principles deduced from observing nature. During the course you will find out more about the ethics and principles and how they are applied in nature and in a garden, and see some other examples of their application. You will also be invited to participate in a practical activity, such as composting, creating a Hugel bed, or a lasagne bed, in a local permaculture-inspired garden.


Why join this course?

  • Permaculture is solutions-focussed, so you can learn something which you can then apply to your work, life, garden or projects.
  • You will learn something new!
  • You will meet other people who are interested in sustainability.
  • It is the first module of the full Permaculture Design Course, which is the standard  72 hour course, internationally recognised as the core introduction to permaculture.
  • The teacher is on the Permaculture Association’s certifying teachers register.


29th & 30th January 2022

9:30am until 4.30pm both days


We will meet each morning at the Concrete Garden, Glasgow. We will be learning and working both indoors and in the garden.


Sliding Scale £130 (orgs/good wage) £110 (waged) £77 (low waged) to £43 (unwaged). There are a limited number of unwaged places, please inquire.

Book Your Place

To book your place on this course, please submit the booking form (which you can complete online or I can send in an email) and pay your deposit. If you have any problem submitting the form please email me (see below). The non-returnable deposit is half your fee (e.g. if you are waged, pay £55). The full amount is payable one week in advance of the introduction course commencing.

How to pay

Bank transfers, please contact Lusi for details.

Cheques: please make cheques payable to Lusi Alderslowe. Please write your own name on the back if it appears different from the name printed on the cheque. Post to: Permaculture Educator, 6 Catherine St, Gatehouse of Fleet, Castle Douglas, DG7 2JD.

Pay pal: this is also an option, please contact Lusi for details: 00 44 77 87 37 64 7 5


If you cancel more than one week in advance of the course, the deposit of 50% of your full fee is non-returnable. If you cancel within one week of the course starting, the full fee is non-returnable.


Lusi Alderslowe and Paula McCabe, others may join us.


In usual circumstances, every day of the course students were invited to bring vegetarian food to share, however due to the ongoing pandemic, we expect everyone to be asked to bring a packed lunch just for themselves. Please let us know if you have any allergies (on the booking form) in case the situation changes and we feel able to bring food to share again.

Snack: We will provide tea, coffee and some fruit, you may want to bring some for yourself too.


Permaculture is a holistic design system for sustainable living, creating systems for minimum effort and maximum effect. The introduction is the first module of the full design course and gives the basic grounding in what permaculture is and how it can be applied. It includes an overview of topics that are covered in more detail during the rest of the course. In general we are indoors in the morning and outdoors in the afternoon. Normally the first afternoon is spent doing observations and the second afternoon is a practical activity, such as composting.

What is permaculture?
The Permaculture Ethics
Mollison’s permaculture principles
Designing with permaculture
Zones and sectors – Design tools
The tale of two apples : An Input-Output analysis and more…

Please also see Biographies and Directions to venues.