Glasgow PDC 2020

This is the 10th Permaculture Design Course in Glasgow with Lusi Alderslowe!

Over the years we have learnt so much – about permaculture, learning, teaching, creating community, observing nature, mapping, identifying trees, the permaculture design process, permaculture ethics and principles and much more. The design of the course enables us to learn from different people, places and in different ways, with the input from the tutors reducing over the weekends as students gain confidence and practice their own skills in designing and teaching.

Permaculture is a holistic design system for sustainable living, creating systems for minimum effort and maximum effect. This course is one weekend per month. The first module can also be taken as a stand alone introduction, which allows you to come along and meet everyone before you commit to the rest of the course. From February to June we will be exploring all the remaining core topics of the Permaculture Design Course, which enables participants to recieve the Permaculture Association’s Internationally recognised Certificate.

Using a diverse range of different teaching styles we will find out more about
* the Permaculture Design Process: SADIMET, and the theory and practice of different design tools from mapping to turning waste into resources. This includes different opportunities to use the design tools and create an entire design in a small group.
* Permaculture ethics and principles and their application
* Themes of soil, water, plants& trees, growing your own food, the built environment, resource use, social systems and contexts.
* Different sites including the Concrete Garden, North Beachmore, Tarbert Health Centre, Daisy Cottage and others (tbc).
* Next steps on your permaculture pathway